Trials Evolution demand sees Xbox Live buckle under pressure

Xbox Live servers stutter as Trials Evolution launch sparks 100,000 downloads

Following this week's Trials Evolution release date, Xbox Live servers have suffered from high demand as 100,000 users try download the XBLA title

RedLynx has seen its eagerly awaited XBLA title get off to a rocky start failing to withstand the level of traffic following Wednesday’s Trials Evolution release, leaving thousands of players unable to access online features.

Something to the tune of 100,000 players posted their record times on the game’s leaderboards, causing servers to cripple under the immense weight on the first day. Microsoft was forced to quickly add new hardware in order to rectify the situation.

Although the server crash was a clear testament to the popularity of the Trials HD sequel, the breakdown frustrated players around the world who were unable to access online features such as record times and ghost replays.

Speaking to Edge Magazine, developer RedLynx said: “Microsoft worked quickly to deploy more hardware and the situation seems to have stabilised.”

The company added that it was working close with Microsoft to prevent such a crash from happening again.

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Via: CVG