Tech Today: Wii 2 controller, Apple iTunes cloud music

Plus Dirt cheap iPhone 3GS, PSN down

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Apple will launch a cloud music service before Google gets its own plans out of the front door according to a report from Reuters this evening. The iTunes subscription service will store all of your music in the cloud and allow you to access it at any time on any of your devices, freeing up valuable space on your hard drives.
Link: Reuters

The Nintendo Wii 2 controller will have feature eight-buttons and two analogue sticks to go along with the touchscreen already touted for the device. The Wii 2 controller will, according to a report on Kotaku, will also have an on-board camera and the screen will be a whopping 6.2-inches in size, which will be used to control games like Zelda. So far, the hype for the controller is outstripping the hype for the console itself.
Link: Kotaku

Sony's PlayStation Network has suffered a pretty sizable outages that Sony PlayStation says might take a "full day or two to fix." Members have been unable to log-in to their online accounts through their consoles for over 24 hours now, and Sony reckon it might be down to a targeted attack from third parties.

Speaking of PlayStation, it was with little surprise that we heard that the PSPgo was on the way out this week. What's more surprising is news from across the pond that their might be life in the download-only Sony PSPgo yet. Joystiq has been told by PlayStation today that production will continue in the US. We're not sure why.
Link: Joystiq

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The Apple iPhone 5 might be coming later this year, but remember the iPhone 3GS? Well that's still knocking around, with O2 now offering a pretty interesting deal. You can get a free Apple iPhone 3GS for just £15.50 a month on a two year contract. Granted you get no data and only 100 minutes to show for it, but if that's the kind of low-usage contract you're after, you could do worse than this smartphone hall of famer.

News@8: Thursday was a bumper day of tech news. We've got rumblings of an Amazon Android tablet made by Samsung and the latest on the iOS location privacy row. Sky has backed 3D to go mainstream again and there's already a Nintendo 3DS price cut. Check it out in our daily News@8 round-up.