Tech Today: Google Iron Man glasses, Apple iTV to seek exclusives?

Plus: Twitter Super Bowl record, Nikon D800 leaked

In Monday's late-breaking news, we've got the latest on Google's Iron Man-style glasses, while there's more speculation on what Apple's iTV content may bring to the table

'Google's Iron Man glasses are real', says report
We heard rumblings of Google's augmented reality 'HUD' glasses back in December. The purported Iron Man-style Google Goggles would feature GPS and connect to the internet. That much we already know, but a tipster for 9to5Google site has seen a near-completed protoype and says the specs will be voice-controlled, feature a front-facing camera and navigation handled by tilting your head. They're still a long way from completion says the site.
Link: 9to5Google

Apple could go for "exclusive content" for iTV
A Wall Street firm has been theorising about the potential ways Apple could approach its heavily rumoured venture into the flatscreen TV market. The company reckons could decide to go after marquee content to generate buzz. There were recent hints that the company would go after the Premier League football coverage at the end of the season.
Link: AppleInsider

Nikon D800 snaps leaked, official announcement imminent
The long-awaited Nikon D800 DSLR camera looks set to arrive on Tuesday after the official press shots and a press release were leaked in Brazil. The 36.3-megapixel snapper is the successor to the D700 and features full HD video, a 3.2-inch LCD screen, with an ISO range of 100-6400. The company is likely to sit below the high-end D3X.
Link: TheVerge

New iMacs to have Retina Display tech?
Future Mac computers or Apple displays could feature the same Retina Display screens as seen on the iPhone and iPod touch. The reason for these suspicions? Well in an update to Mac OS X features brand new super high definition "grabbing hand" cursors. According to Apple tipster John Gruber, that means only one thing. Retina Display Macs incoming.
Link: Gizmodo

Super Bowl sets new tweet-per-second record
Twitter has announced that Sunday evening's Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots saw a new record set for the amount of tweets sent. The game saw an astonishing 12,233 tweets per second posted as the Giants scored a last-minute game winning t-shirt. The figure eclipsed the previous mark set during the women's World Cup last summer.
Link: BBC