Tech Today: Facebook iPhone update, Sony 3D laptop sheet

Plus: No celebrity .xxx domains, UK 4G delay

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Apple 27-inch Thunderbolt Display coming next week?
The new Thunderbolt-enabled monitors Apple promised us back in July are set to arrive in retail stores in time for an on-sale date of September 15th. As well as Thunderbolt connectivity, the displays offer a FaceTime HD camera, three USB ports and a Firewire port.
Link: MacRumors

Celebrity names banned from .xxx websites
The .xxx suffix for adult websites will go on sale on Wednesday, but porn purveyors won't be able to register celebrity names in order to push traffic to their sites. Regulators have banned thousands of notable names so porn sites won't be able to register the likes of - thankfully.
Link: Guardian

Facebook for iOS gets a big update
The Facebook application for iPhone and iPod touch (heaven forbid the company bother to release an iPad app), has received a major update. The new app makes it easier to share items with who you want, adds the ability to tag friends and places in posts and allows users to add links to external websites in posts.
Link: CNET

Ofcom procrastination means no UK 4G until 2013
The plans to auction off the rights to build the UK's 4G LTE infrastructure is likely to be delayed until the end of 2012, reports the Financial Times. The communications regulator Ofcom is still wrangling with legal and technical issues. For heaven's sake get a move on, Ofcom. You've nowt else to do.
Link: FT

Sony to release 3D sheet for 2D VAIO S laptop
More details have emerged on Sony's lenticular sheet accessory which turns the newly-announced VAIO S laptop into one capable of displaying 3D images to the naked eye. The 129 Euro panel clips onto the device's screen and uses the webcam to judge the position of your face in order to create the optimum 3D viewing experience without the need for glasses.
Link: TechOn