Tech Today: Apple working on Siri-enabled, wearable iPod

Plus: Google plans to launch Nexus tablet within six months

Apple is investigating Siri-controlled, wearable iPods, while Google plans to get in on the tablet game. Meanwhile, HTC faces a ban on selling Android phones in the US.

Apple and Google working on 'wearable computers'
An interesting report in the New York Times on Monday suggested that Apple and Google want to build 'wearable computers' to communicate with iOS and Android devices. The Times reckons that Apple is envisioning a number of possibilities with a wearable, curved screen, Siri-enabled iPod for the wrist among the possibilities.
Link: TechRadar

Google will launch tablet within six months
Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has dropped a tech bombshell. The search giant plans to launch a Google Nexus tablet within six months. The former CEO told an Italian Newspaper that Google will release "a tablet of the highest quality,"
Link: AppleInsider

Sony sorry for early PS Vita bugs
Despite promising early sales figures following the weekend launch in Japan, all is not well with the Sony PlayStation Vita. Early adopters have experienced unresponsive touchscreens and in many cases the system has completely frozen. Sony has apologised for the problems and has issued an immediate software update. Hopefully all the issues will be ironed out before the UK launch on February 22.
Via: SlashGear

HTC faces US import ban as Apple wins court case
In today's episode of Smartphone Patent Wars, HTC faces a US import ban on some of its Android phones after a court found in favour of an Apple parent infringement suit. HTC and Google have until April 2012 to amend the infringing software quirk before it'll no longer be able to sell smartphones in the US which contain the feature. HTC released a statement claiming it already has a workaround.
Link: CNET

Google launches 'let it snow' festive Easter Egg
Google has displayed a little festive spirit by outing a new 'Let it snow' Easter Egg, which will send a blizzard across your screen. Users simply have to type "Let it snow" into the search box and snow flakes will begin falling, before the entire screen becomes slowly covered in virtual snow.
Link: Telegraph