Tech Today: Apple universal remote, HTC to make less phones

Plus: Zynga announces Bingo for Facebook, Google+ looks to snare teenagers

Apple is plotting a universal touchscreen remote control, while Google+ hopes to cash in on teenagers' obsession with social networking. Meanwhile HTC plans to focus on fewer devices in 2012

Apple working on 'universal touchscreen remote' concept
With Apple keeping firmly schtum about continuing rumours it will enter the TV market in 2012, a filing with the US patent office has added a little more fuel to the flames. The company has filed to patent a universal touchscreen remote concept which would allow users to control their entire home entertainment system.
Link: 9to5Mac

Spotify reaches 3m paying customers
It seems all of those terrible ads are starting to pay-off for Spotify as the company now has 3 million customers forking out a tenner a month for a Premium ad-free subscription. That's 20 per cent of its user-base. The company reached 2.5m in November so adding half a million paying customers in 2 months is a pretty fine achievement.
Link: Financial Times

Zynga Bingo announced for Facebook
Social games studio Zynga has added to its Casino suite by announcing that Bingo will be coming to Facebook. The game will launch to the public soon ad allow users to Facebook friends and random users to play against each other. The new game, which doesn't differentiate too much from the fill-in-the-card-and-yell-BINGO-formula will allow you to chat along with friends as you play.
Link: TechCrunch

HTC says it'll focus on hero phones in 2012
We've barely been able to move for the amount of new HTC smartphones turning up at T3 towers expecting to be reviewed just lately so we're relieved to hear the company is "going back to what made it great" in 2012 and focusing its attentions on a few top level handsets, or "hero devices" as the company calls them.
Link: TheNextWeb

Google+ looks to bolster numbers with teenagers
Google's latest attempt to have the world sign-up for its Google+ social network involves getting down with the kids. Google+ has opened its doors to 13-17 year olds for the first time, bringing a specially optimised feature set to protect them from themselves. The 13+ rule brings the social network in line with Facebook's guidelines.
Link: TechCrunch

Snake makes a triumphant return as a Windows Phone app
Over a decade before Angry Birds came along was a mobile game that consumed our bus journeys home and its name was Snake. Now the classic title is set to return to Nokia devices as an app for Windows Phone 7.5 devices. Snake '97 brings a reinterpretation of iconic handsets of yesteryear like the Nokia 3210 allowing you to control that ever lengthening reptile with the on-screen 2, 4, 6 and 8 keys.
Link: TheVerge