Tech Today: Apple to seek Motorola Xoom ban too?

Plus: New Twitter features, Facebook to be attacked

With news from Twitter, Facebook, HP, Apple and more, here's what happened in the tech world after you logged off.

iPhone 4 'finder' faces jail, Gizmodo editor escapes
A man who claims he found an iPhone 4 prototype in a California bar, before selling it to Gizmodo has been charged with handling stolen goods by police. Gizmodo editor Jason Chen who paid Brian Hogan $5,000 for the device before tearing it down and posting it online has cleared of any wrongdoing. If found guilty, Hogan faces up to a year in county jail.
Link: ABC News

Anonymous distances itself from Guy Fawkes night Facebook hack
Members of the hacking group Anonymous have taken to Twitter to deny it is plotting a cyber-attack on social networking site Facebook on November 5th. The so-called Operation Facebook has been conceived with the idea of exposing that the site has stored the personal data of its users
Link: LA Times

HP makes TouchPad price-cut permanent in US
Perhaps realising that any tablet hoping to compete with the iPad can't be offered for the same price, HP has made its $100 TouchPad price-cut permanent. In the UK, however the device remains priced at £399, the same price as the Apple iPad. Which would you choose if you had £400 knocking about?
Link: AppleInsider

Twitter adds two new 'Activity' tabs to web application
Soon enough Twitter users will see a pair of new tabs on their homepage. The new @username tab replaces 'Mentions' and will now feature new follower notifications, favourited tweets and retweets as well as the regular @mentions. The new 'Activity' tab will feature will perform pretty much the same function as Facebook's notifications system.
Link: Mashable

Apple wants Motorola Xoom banned too?
After successfully campaigning a German court to have sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 blocked across Europe, Apple's next target may be the Honeycomb Motorola Xoom. In the fine print of Apple's claim against Samsung saw a similar accusation aimed at Motorola revealed. That's one way of besting the competition... just get it banned from sale.