Tech Today: Apple iTV update, PS Vita now on sale

Plus: BT sues Google, BlackBerry Playbooks hijacked

The weekend saw further developments in the Apple iTV saga, while Facebook updated its iOS app to incorporate the new Timeline update.

Apple working on content partnerships for iTV
A report in the Wall Street Journal claims that Apple has been briefing media executives regarding its Apple iTV project in a bid to woo top content providers. Top brass at Apple has reportedly been touting the HD TV which will boast voice-controlled navigation and AirPlay technology. Apple's first flatscreen TV is expected to be announced by the end of 2012.
Link: WSJ

Sony PS Vita now on sale... in Japan
The Sony PlayStation Vita went on sale in Japan on Saturday, officially launching its bid to recapture the handheld gaming market from Apple. The long-awaited device, which won't come to the UK until February 2012 hasn't drawn huge crowds as yet, according to Apple Insider.

Facebook for iOS updated. Timeline comes to iPhone
Following the global roll-out of the new Timeline profile, Facebook has updated its iPhone app to incorporate the latest update. The iPhone update follows the new Android version, meaning that only the Facebook iPad app seeks Timeline profiles. If you've already activated Timeline on the browser version of the site you should now be able to access it on iPhone and Android.
Link: Engadget

BT declares war on Google
British Telecom has become the latest company to sue Google, claiming that nearly all of its products infringe BT patents. The UK's leading broadband provider claims that Google+, Google Search, AdSense, Google Docs, Google Music and Google Maps infringe on at least one of six patents currently held by BT.
Link: The Verge

Truck containing $1.7m worth of PlayBooks hijacked... RIM probably relieved
RIM has made no secret of the fact that it is desperate to shift the masses of BlackBerry PlayBook tablets currently gathering dust in its warehouses, so its ironic that hijackers bagged $1.7m (£1.1m) worth of PlayBooks en route to Ontario, Canada this weekend. The truck, carrying 22 pallets of PlayBooks was commandeered when the driver took a "rest break". We can't imagine that RIM is too devastated considering its struggling to give the PlayBook away, let alone sell it.
Link: SlashGear