Tech Today: Apple iPod turns 10, PlayStation Suite branching out

Plus: Steve Jobs biography out today, global iPlayer app gets AirPlay boost

In a relatively low-key weekend of tech news, we've got word on the PlayStation Suite heading to more Apple devices, Some cool Sonic freebies, and iPlayer app upgrade. Oh, and Steve Jobs' official biography goes on sale today

PlayStation Suite coming to more Android devices?
Sony is set to loosen its grip on the PlayStation Suite platform with Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman Kaz Hrai confirming that the company is "in discussions with non-Sony companies to bring them on-board.” It is thought that more Android devices could be brought into the fold. Currently the PlayStation Suite is only available on PS3, Sony Android tablets, Sony Ericsson Android smartphones.
Link: Mashable

Steve Jobs biography on sale today
The official biography of late Apple visionary Steve Jobs goes on sale across the world today. The book, simply entitled 'Steve Jobs' was written by Walter Isaacson and is the subject of over 40 hours of one-on-one interviews with the great man. The biography is set to shed light on Jobs' Apple obsessions, his personal life and his struggles with the cancer that eventually claimed his life. Meanwhile, Apple has put an 80 minute video of last week's 'Celebrating Steve' event on its website.
Link: Amazon

Global iPlayer app gets AirPlay streaming
In news that'll probably frustrate most of you rather than appease you, but the Beeb has added AirPlay streaming to its global iPlayer app for iPad, meaning that ex-pats can send content to their Apple TV boxes. Firstly, the native UK version of the app doesn't yet have this functionality, and secondly, why doesn't Apple just pop an app on Apple TV and be done with it?
Link: Engadget

Apple iPod celebrates its tenth birthday
It's now officially a decade since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPod on 23rd October 2001. The universe conquering MP3 player has sold over 300 million worldwide in its various guises, and still leads the way, despite largely making way for the iPhone in recent years. iPod, we salute you. Now give us some better headphones.
Link: Telegraph

First Sonic game unlockable within Sonic Generations

Link: Joystiq