Tech Today: Apple iCloud for TV shows, Apple TV update

Plus: iPhone 5 design hints, Nokia name changes

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

iPhone 5 clone offers design hints
A factory in Shenzen, China has built what it is calling an iPhone 5 clone. The design, which fits the appearance of the plastic cases that emerged last week has a curved back and is only 7mm thin. Reports are speculating that the clone may have been built using leaked documents or blueprints.
Link: Gizmodo

3DS and Wii U to get in-game paid DLC
Nintendo is planning to bring in-game purchases to 3DS games by the end of the year and include that functionality when the Wii U launches next spring. Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata says that the new feature will enable developers to add extra content into games, much like Apple allows with the App Store.
Link: AndriaSang

Apple TV updated with iTunes TV show and Vimeo support
Apple outed another update for its Apple TV set-top box, late on Monday, offering users the chance to purchase TV shows directly from the iTunes Store, while also streaming shows that have already been purchased. Users also have access to the video streaming and sharing service Vimeo. Still no iPlayer though...
Link: Apple Insider

Also, Apple adds cloud-based storage locker for purchased TV shows
Effectively, Apple just added iCloud functionality for TV shows. Alongside the above Apple TV update, customers now have access to the shows they have previously "Purchased" in a new tab on the iTunes app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. That mimics the iTunes in the Cloud service Apple announced at WWDC
Link: 9to5Mac

Nokia ditches the alphabet
Ailing smartphone giant Nokia has decided to, once again, alter the naming conventions for its line of handsets. This time the company has gone old school, by adopting a numbers-only approach, ditching the alphabet. It's not so long ago Nokia thought it was a wonderful idea to have N-Series, C-Series, X-Series and E-Series phones which grew in stature as numbers rose between 1-10. Obviously customers felt otherwise.
Link: TechRadar