Tech terms 'bloggable' and 'sexting' included in OED

Oxford English Dictionary adds new tech words

'Trackpad' and 'onliner' join ranks of official words

Technology’s ever increasing influence on our daily lives has been recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary as terms such as ‘trackpad’, ‘bloggable’ and ‘sexting’ are included in digital versions of the OED for the first time.

With tech related terms becoming an ever present factor of our everyday lives, today also saw the dictionary inclusion of the malicious computer programmes ‘scareware’, a term for an internet user ‘onliner’ as well as ‘cyber-bullying’ and ‘cybersecurity’.

Speaking on the inroads technology inspired words and phrases have made into the English language, Gabby Fletcher, a spokeswoman for Oxford Dictionaries Online, said: ‘We have added over 1,000 new words since the site was launched in May.”

She went on to add: “We are also seeing the very fast circulation of new vocabulary on a global basis, with the expansion of social media.” Texting has had a big influence on language in the past nine months with ‘tbh’ and ‘fnarr fnarr’ joining ‘sexting’ as OED inclusions.

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Via: Metro