T-Mobile G2 launches with Android 2.2 and Desire Z look

G2 to hit US market on the super speedy 4G network

G2 US version of upcoming Desire Z?

Mobile network provider T-Mobile has officially announced the G2, a HTC Android 2.2 device that looks shockingly similar to the rumoured HTC Desire Z device expected to be unveiled in the UK next week.

The new ‘with Google’ handset is exclusive to T-Mobile in the states and is the first smartphone to be produced specifically with the operator’s new HSPA+ 4G network in mind.

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Following on from the original T-Mobile G1, the first Android handset to launch almost two years ago in October 2008, the T-Mobile G2 will feature all the bells and whistles associated with the FroYo OS such as the coveted Flash player compatibility.

Sporting a 3.7-inch hinged screen with full QWERTY keypad, the G2 will feature an 800MHz Snapdragon processor, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording capabilities accompanied by an LED flash.

Whilst T-Mobile users in the US can exclusively preorder the G2 later this month, no UK release date has been offered on the FroYo device, further suggesting that it could land on British soil as the Desire Z.