Sky 3D channel launching 1 October

Ryder Cup and Hollywood flicks lead 3D line-up

Punters with top-end HD package won't need to pay more for 3D offering.

Sky’s 3D channel has just been pegged for launch on 1 October. The new channel, which has been in the offing for over a year, will get going with three dimensional coverage of the Ryder Cup from Celtic Manor.

If you’re packing a Sky+HD box and a 3DTV, you’re already good-to-go. Sky subscribers with the top-end HD package will get the new 3D channel at no extra cost either.

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Sky has struck deals with all the major Hollywood studios, with Monsters vs. Aliens and Alice In Wonderland both primed to hit the channel before Christmas. Premier League football is also going to be shown from launch.

The announcement follows Sky 3D’s roll out in 1,500 pubs across the UK. Will you be buying a 3DTV so you can get Sky 3D? Or is it just a gimmick? Let us know your thoughts via Facebook and Twitter.

Link: Sky 3D