Apple awarded extra week ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Latest twist in legal battle sees continued delay to sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab

In a new twist to the ongoing legal saga Apple has been awarded an additional week's ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

Just days after Samsung overthrew the injunction preventing the sale of its Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android tablet Apple has been awarded a new legal filing stopping sales of the device for a further week.

Continuing the long and tumultuous relationship between the two tech giants and their heavily worked lawyers the latest advancement in the Australian Galaxy Tab ban has seen Apple given an additional week to plan its appeal for the pre-Christmas ban lift.

“The High Court of Australia has granted a stay until December 9 to allow it to consider whether to accept Apple’s application for special leave to appeal,” Samsung said of the latest twist in an official statement.

“Samsung believes Apple has no bias for its application for leave to appeal and will vigorously oppose this to the High Court,” the statement continued.

Apple vs. Samsung Legal Disputes

Whilst the decision to allow Samsung to sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 device in Australia is a massive victory for the Korean tech giant, it resolves one of around 20 high profile legal filings currently running rife between the two countries.

Whilst Apple has prevented Samsung selling its tablets in Germany and Galaxy handsets in the Netherlands, Samsung sought to have the recently released Apple iPhone 4S pulled from UK shelves last month claiming the device infringed on its 3G patents.

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Via: FinancialTimes