Samsung redesigns Galaxy Tab 7.0 in response to Apple complaints

Galaxy Tab 7.0N to go on sale in Germany

Samsung announces its next move in the never-ending coutroom drama over its Galaxy Tab tablets and Apple's iPads

After months of legal back-and-forth between Apple and Samsung over the design of Sammy's Galaxy Tabs (and specifically, whether or not they are "blatant copies" of Apple's iPads), Samsung has announced a special, lawsuit-dodging version of its Galaxy Tab designed specifically for sale in Germany, where the Galaxy Tab has been pulled from sale by the courts.

Samsung have already pulled a similar trick with the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was also re-released auf Deutsch as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. However, it seems that whatever changes Sammy made to accomodate Apple's greivances weren't enough, as Apple's legal eagles were swift to launch yet another lawsuit seeking to ban the revised tablet as well.

But whatever Samsung did to tweak the internals in its Tab 10.1, the end result wasn't - aesthetically at least - a world away from the original. Given Apple's statement at the beginning of these legal tussles, that "it's no coincidence that Samsung's latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad", we can't see Apple's lawyers being content with anything but a total external redesign on Samsung's part to match the internal one.

Source: BGR