Samsung promises all-day battery life on future smartphones

Galaxy S3 and others to receive improved battery performance

Looking back it's hard to find a technology that has gone backwards, well there is one and that's battery life. Samsung's hoping to change all that however

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will provide greater battery longevity in its 2012 smartphones in an effort to improve the current trend of high-end smartphone chronically suffering from lack of battery power.

Even with the leaps and bounds technology has made, battery life remains a vexed issue in most smartphones today. Now the South Korean company promises to cure our woes by ensuring its future phones will last all day under moderately heavy usage.

Speaking in an interview at this year’s CES, Kevin Packingham, vice president of product innovation at Samsung, said: “When you wake up to when you go to bed, we don’t want you feeling anxiety about your battery life.” While increasing battery size, Packingham added that Samsung will look at ways of optimising its smartphones so as to drain as little battery power as possible.

With bigger display resolutions, beefier processors and increasing data usage, many smartphones currently fail to make it through the day. If Samsung makes good on its promise, we'll hopefully see other companies following suit in 2012. Yet we can’t help but ask why this isn’t an issue that’s been tackled already.

Samsung saw a successful 2011, with its Galaxy S II flagship phone helping the company to take the top spot from Apple in terms of smartphone sales. It appears Samsung is now gearing up for an even bigger 2012 with the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Rejoicing at the prospect of a respectable battery life? Or has it taken far too long? Let us know in the comment box below.

Via: Cnet