Samsung Galaxy S: pre-order on Vodafone now

Stump up and get it on 15 June

Super AMOLED cell aiming to slap down iPhone 4 with gorgeous screen and HD video.

Samsung’s put down of the iPhone 4’s screen wasn’t just inter-tech carping. The Korean giant reckons it has the blowers to do the business against Apple’s finest effort to date.

The Samsung Galaxy S is definitely one to get the anti-Apple crowds excited, and Vodafone has thrown open the pre-order doors today. If you pay up now, you’ll have one in your hands by next Tuesday, 15 June, the same day the iPhone 4 itself hits pre-order.

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The Galaxy S certainly stacks up when it comes to specs. As well as that Super AMOLED 4-inch touchscreen, you’ll find Android, HSDPA, Wi-Fi, a 5 megapixel camera and, perhaps best of all, HD video recording.

Vodafone’s offers are pretty standard: £35 a month for two years will let you lay your hands on the phone for free. If you’d prefer an 18 month package, then it’ll be £40 every 30 days in order to pay nothing up front.

Link: Vodafone