Samsung claims Apple multitouch is better than Android’s

Move is aimed at preventing Galaxy sales ban in Netherlands

The Apple vs Samsung legal dispute has taken a bizarre new twist, with the Korean company claiming that Cupertino’s multitouch system is better than Google’s Android effort. The aim of this latest legal move is to prevent a major sales ban of Samsung Galaxy products in the Netherlands.

In making the statement, Samsung is hoping to prove that the two systems are different, something which Apple says is not true. Apple claims that Android’s multitouch system is derivative of its own tech, first seen in the original iPhone back in January 2007.

The claim relates to the way in which iOS and Android prevent smartphone users from pressing two buttons at the same time. Samsung’s lawyers called Apple’s system a “very nice invention.”

Apple was not playing ball, its lawyers saying, “They [Samsung] suggest that they have a lesser solution, but that is simply not true.”

If Samsung loses, it could see a ban on Galaxy devices being sold in the Netherlands. A ruling is expected on 24 October.

Via PC World

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