Roku 1, 2 and 3 unveiled as new family of streaming players

Roku revamps range with Full-HD streaming and iOS remote

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Roku's new range of media streamers will be looking to take on the increasing number of Google TV products and of course Apple's own Apple TV box

Roku has unveiled the Roku 1, Roku 2 and Roku 3, three new media streamers aimed at different price points which will be able to stream content from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Now TV by Sky, Vevo, Spotify and more.

Featuring a new design the boxes will start at £59 for the lowest model and end up at £99.99 for the top of the range Roku 3 Media Streamer.

Roku 3 is the company's flagship media streamer and will come supporting Full-HD 1080p output along with a powerful dual-band wireless antenna which not only improves streaming speeds but also streaming quality.

You'll also get the Roku 3 remote which comes with a headphone jack. Once the headphones are inserted the TV will automatically mute sending the audio straight to the remote.

Because Roku 3 also comes with a high-performance dual-core processor you'll also be able to play Angry Birds using the motion-sensors built into the remote as well.

Roku 2 also features 1080p streaming, dual-band wireless and the remote with headphone jack but it loses the dual-core processor and gaming credentials. Finally Roku 1 ditches the headphone jack instead opting for a straight forward remote, it also loses dual-band wireless instead just offering Full-HD streaming.

Rather than offer any subscription packages along with the product Roku maintains its low price by being simply a content delivery platform giving users the ability to pick and choose what content they want on their box.

The Roku 3 will launch costing £99.99 whilst Roku 2 will set you back £79.99 and finally the basic Roku 1 will cost just £59.99.