RIM's BB10-equipped Bold-alike N-Series smartphone leaked

Stepping into a Bold new era with BB10

The launch of BB10 is only a month away and he's our first look at what's likely to be the replacement for the popular Bold range, rumoured to be coined the N-Series

The all-touchscreen BlackBerry 10 L-Series smartphone has been leaked more times than a Kardashian home video, but so far sightings of the of the heavily-touted Bold-alike N-Series have eluded would-be leak artists.

All that changed on Christmas Eve with the first photo (courtesy of Chinese site cnBeta) of what the device will reportedly look like when it makes its debut sometime at the end of January.

Unsurprisingly the phone looks like a BlackBerry Bold, features a full physical QWERTY keyboard, but seems to boast a much larger display and more rounded appearance.

The N-Series smartphone is likely to make its first appearance at the BB10 launch event on January 30th, but your guess at an on-sale date is currently as good as ours.

It's getting towards crunch-time for RIM. Can devices like the L-Series and N-Series help BB10 make a good earlier impression and save the Canadians' bacon in 2013?

Via: The Verge