Reports of 'imminent' Apple iTV launch played down

Now iPhone 5 and iPad mini are out, let the Apple iTV speculation recommence

Contrary to one analyst's prophecy, there are no plans to imminently launch an Apple iTV television, new reports have claimed

Apple is in talks with cable and broadband companies over a potential Apple iTV flatscreen, but a launch is not imminent, according to new reports on Friday.

The ears of the tech world pricked up earlier this week when Jeffries analyst James Kisner claimed at least one major broadband company was holding tests to examine whether it could handle the extra capacity an internet connected set from Apple would surely demand.

This led Kisney to advise, in a note to investors, that an "imminent launch" of an Apple iTV set may be in the works.

However, the well-connected AllThingsD blog has poured cold water on the prophecy. Reporter Jon Paczkowski says he hears from sources that, although Apple has been holding preliminary talks with potential partners, a launch is not likely in the near future.

He wrote: "Sources tell AllThingsD that Apple has indeed had talks with a few large cable operators about some new TV product. It makes sense that one of them might be doing its due diligence on capacity issues and whatnot.

"But the idea that a “potentially … imminent” launch is in the works seems harder to take seriously."

So those hoping to make the Apple iTV a major purchase in the early months of 2013, based on this week's fresh info, can probably allocate that 'play money' elsewhere. Not that that's any great surprise to folks who've been following this speculation closely.

Via: AllThingsD