Police to start Facebooking to catch cyber-bullies

Facebook cyber-bully scheme to take off in Reading

One thing is for sure, the police aren't planning on hitting the "like" button

Cyber-bullies will not go unpunished as officers from Thames Valley Police will start poking them Monday onwards.

Thames Valley Police will be joined by teenage volunteers when they will delve into Facebook to identify Facebook bullies of school students.

The scheme is the first of its kind and will be launched in Reading, and offenders will be sent messages from the police, warning them of possible prosecution. The cyber-bully's parents will also be informed of their child's actions and consequences.

PC Dave Thomas said, "By sending a police warning notice on Facebook, students will be made aware they could be prosecuted. We are aiming to nip the problem in the bud and prevent it becoming something more serious."

He also added that their aim is to make the bully realise how serious the matter is, while trying to keep young persons out of the justice system as much as possible.

The trial, if successful, might be considered for other areas.

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Via: Telegraph