PlayStation Vita to launch without Flash support

Japanese mag reports on what to expect when launch day comes around

With the PlayStation Vita launch now only a few months away the rumour mill has naturally gone into overdrive about what the OS will be like, what games will be available for launch and more

Japanese Magazine Famitsu has reported that after a Q&A they've been able to discover that the PlayStation Vita will launch in December without Flash support or the ability to play PlayStation One games.

While the Flash story isn't under contest the news that the Vita won't be compatible with 'Game Archives' directly contradicts Sony's own information which begs to differ. If true it means the Vita won't be able to play PSOne games and the collection of TurboGrafx-16 games that features in the 'Games Archive'.

What we know will be supported is Javascript 1.7 and HTML5 which means that from a web-browsing point of view it'll still be able to keep up with other rival devices. While it wouldn't be alone (the Nintendo 3DS also doesn't support Flash) there are reports that the PlayStation Vita will be receiving numerous updates after its release which could point towards it having Flash by the time it releases in the UK in February.

Is a lack of Flash a serious flaw for the Vita or, like the iPad 2 will it simply brush it aside? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

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Source: CVG