OS X Lion: Apple planning major overhaul

As devs get set for early builds, new plans emerge

Big changes to OS X UI touted.

OS X Lion isn’t due for release until this summer. But unlike its Snow Leopard predecessor, it promises to bring some major changes to Apple’s desktop software, rather than just a few neat tweaks here and there.

When Lion was first previewed in autumn last year, Apple said it’d be bringing ideas from iOS over to the Mac. But now TechCrunch is claiming this won’t just be seen in a few small areas, but will be part of what they’re calling a, “…much-anticipated UI overhaul.”

Word is that such big changes mean developers will be getting the first early builds of OS X Lion soon. Apple staffers are said to already be using the operating system. The new software comes with Launchpad, a feature that lets you swipe through multiple homescreens, better full screen app support and beefed up Expose, dubbed Mission Control.

With new MacBook Pros coming this week, expect the chatter about OS X Lion to increase even more. Let us know your thoughts on Apple’s plans on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Via TechCrunch