One tenth of iPad users have not downloaded a single app

Survey reveals bizarre number of app virgins

Approx 9% of a recent survey are in the dark when it comes to Apps

The BBC reports that nearly one third of iPad users have never downloaded an app for their Apple product. However, it seems that the figures are in fact much less.

After revising the information conducted by research firm Nielsen, it looks like the actual figures of iPad users not downloading apps is a significantly lower 9%. However, when you take into account that over 7.5 million iPads have been sold, theoretically it can be assumed that around 750,000 people aren’t downloading apps for their iPads, which in itself seems mad.

The study questioned 5,000 people in order to get feedback on how many of those use their iPads, Tablets, eBooks, Netbooks, portable game players and portable media players.

Out of the 91% of people that did download apps for their iPad, the type most installed were games with a high 62%, while at the other end of the list Travel apps were downloaded the least, with 24%. At least 50% of iPad owners used their product to download music based apps, not quite as many as book apps which were recorded to have 54%.

Since iPad apps are such an incredibly integral addition to the product that won the T3 2010 Gadget of the Year award, it’s obviously very surprising that so many people (in theory) aren’t using the device to its full potential. Those in need of a jump start should look no further than the T3 App chart.