Nokia Tablet to be made by Apple iPad manufacturers?

Foxconn to help make a competitor to the Apple tablet

Apple's manufacturers Foxconn are likely to make Nokia's effort

After much long-standing speculation, it would appear that the Nokia Tablet is nearing production and that the details are approaching finalisation. Now sources at DigiTimes claim that the eagerly awaited MeeGo-running Nokia Tablet is progressing quickly, and around 100 engineering samples are being tested. It’s been reported that Nokia will use a 7 or 9-inch screen, made by Foxconn, the same company who developed the Apple iPad and iPhone.


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Nokia will be hoping that its Tablet will be able to form some strong opposition to the iPad, and follow in its phenomenal popularity. Although there is no set launch date, Nokia officials state that there is still an option of an Autumn launch.

Nokia has been doing its best to tackle the mobile internet market of late, with products like the N800 and N900 more resembling smartphones than tablets in form, but can the Finnish giant turn its hand to tablets as deftly as Apple.

Nokia will have to face rivals like Acer, Asus, HP, Dell and other laptop and phone manufacturers, either way. We’ll keep you posted…

Link: Techradar