Nintendo 3DS XL released in the UK with £180 price tag

Update: Nintendo's newly revealed 'XL' 3DS console is made available to buy in the UK

Following the E3 2012 gaming rush Nintendo has launched its next portable games console with today's Nintendo 3DS XL UK release date

Following last months official unveiling, Nintendo has launched the latest addition to its range of portable games console as today's Nintendo 3DS XL UK release date sees the oversized device hit retailers.

Mimicking Nintendo's expansion of the standard DS console, the company’s 3D enabled portable games console has undergone a plus sized revamp with the first Nintendo 3DS XL models hitting a variety of European markets including the UK from today, July 28th.

Nintendo 3DS XL Features

Upping the 3DS’ extra dimensional screen real-estate by 90 per cent, Ninty has confirmed that its 3DS XL sees the handheld’s 3D enabled top screen increased from 3.58-inches to a hefty 4.88-inches whilst the input controlling lower display being upped from 3.02 to 4.18-inches.

With the screens coming in for an upgrade the whole PS Vita rival has increased in size with the 235 gram standard 3DS to be increased to 336 grams for the XL model. Despite this size increase and the introduction of larger, power-loving displays, the Nintendo 3DS XL boasts an improved battery life over its predecessor with the three hour lifespan being increased to 6.5 hours.

Nintendo 3DS XL Release Date and Price

Being made available in black, blue and white colour schemes, today's Nintendo 3DS XL UK release date comes more than a month after the console was formally unveiled. For those tempted by the expansive 3D gaming posibilities made available, wannabe owners will need to part with the £180 Nintendo 3DS XL UK price tag.

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