Nintendo 3DS UK release date to be Spring 2011

Arriving in Japan November 11 before heading to Europe

According to Europe's biggest selling newspaper we can expect to see the glasses-less wonder hitting our shores next Spring, and for now that's all we needed to hear.

According to German newspaper ‘Bild’ the Nintendo 3DS will be arriving in the UK next Spring 2011.

The glasses-less 3D handheld has already received generally positive reviews and will be arriving in Japan on November 11. Of course this is all going to be confirmed in a couple of days when Nintendo makes an official announcement about the release date.

The handheld has made such a stir thanks to it's 3D screen which doesn't require glasses, unlike the majority of 3D technology on the market, keeping it completely portable.

No word on price yet but our best bet would be they will be aiming to keep it just above the current DS, continuing the Nintendo tradition of selling something ‘intuitive’ but not at a wallet busting price.

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Link: CVG