MSI 3D laptop primed for September release

New notebook will convert 2D to 3D, cost under £1000

Don your polarized specs...

MSI is the latest manufacturer to enter the portable 3D fray, as word on the web suggests that it is about to launch its first 3D laptop.

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The laptop, which is said to be launched in September, will use the same integrated GPU from Intel as featured on the 3D effort from Acer, which turns 2D images to 3D thanks to TriDef 3D tech. You also need a pair of fetching polarized glasses, but the whole shebang is cheaper than the Nvidia system found in Asus’ G51J.

This is rumour at the moment, so there’s no official word on price, but word is it’ll be in the region of $900, or £600.

We’ll bring you more news as we get it, but look out for updates on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Link: Via UberGizmo