MPs to be able to tweet from inside the House of Commons

Politicians to hit the twittersphere whilst in session?

A parliamentary committee has made a recommendation that MPs should be able to tweet

Following the House of Lords' recent decision to allow iPads within the chambers, MPs in the House of Commons might soon be able to tweet mid-debate.

The move is being justified by the discreet volume and pocketable size of today's internet-connected portables. Rules on the nature of the device allowed ultimately came down to "whether they click or not".

To avoid distractions, use of the devices was originally limited to reading documents whilst listening to the debate but not whilst speaking. It also stipulated that MPs should not be using the device to search the web for more information.

However, the newest development would allow politicians to tweet about proceedings in the galleries, stating that in the committee's view it was "no different in degree from presenters commenting on live broadcasts of proceedings".

The committee's recommendation is by no means final and has already been met with some objections by those who feel that Members should be their to participate in the debate and not to be distracted by their electronic devices.

Despite the criticism, a spokesperson for the House of Commons has stated that it is likely to come into effect in "a short number of weeks."

So it looks like you could soon be following your local MP as a debate unfolds within the chambers.

And who knows? With politicians glued to their iPhones, there may finally be silence in the boisterous chambers.

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Via: PC Pro