Mozilla Firefox 4 passes 13 million downloads in 2 days

Nearing 14 million downloads worldwide, Firefox 4 is out!

The fox is on the run

Mozilla has launched its new Firefox browser on March 22 and in two days has notched up over 13 million downloads worldwide.

The new and improved Firefox includes HTML5 support, has improved page load times, and a six-times speed increase. The browser is a project of Mozilla, which is open-source and can be downloaded for free, and was more popular than IE in Europe.

Looking at the real-time map on Mozilla's website, you'll notice that there are a high number of downloads pinging from Europe and North America. In Europe, Germany has the highest number of Firefox downloads at this time (near 1 million), with UK in fourth spot behind Russia and France.

Firefox 4 can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux, and as Mozilla states on their website, by downloading it you get a "new look", "super speed" and "even more awesomeness", which Mozilla had announced last year.

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