Motorola XOOM will get Ice Cream Sandwich update

Moto confirms next-gen Android OS on the way for tablet

Motorola's XOOM tablet has been confirmed as getting an OS bump from Android 3.0 Honeycomb to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in the future

After an impressive showing on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus - the new Google phone demo'd this week in Hong Kong - a moderator on Motorola's message boards has confirmed that Moto's XOOM tablet is down to get the updated OS sometime in the future. There's no date for when that's going to happen as yet, and no confirmation that the XOOM will be the first tablet to pack Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is coming.

We know it's not a massive shock that one of the top Android tablets on the market will be getting an update to the most recent iteration of Android, but it's good to get confirmation that Ice Cream Sandwich is, by implication, not full of gremlins when running on a tablet.

As is customary with new iterations of the Google OS, for a while Ice Cream Sandwich will remain exclusively on Google's own smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, for a little while before rolling out to other devices. New features of Ice Cream Sandwich revealed earlier this week include Android Beam, a method of trading content between NFC-enabled Android devices; a new web browser and the experimental Face Unlock, which uses the phone or tablet's front-facing camera to scan your fizzog and unlock your phone without the need for PIN codes or passwords.

Source: Phandroid

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