Microsoft Steering Wheel goes wireless

M cuts the cord on its new gaming peripheral

Trip-free racing coming this October

You might wonder why Microsoft is bothering to introduce a steering wheel controller at all, given that Kinect does away with the concept of controls, but the big news on this peripheral is it’s not motion controlled.

It’s a direct replacement for the wired steering wheel that’s been on sale for years now, just without the usual trip hazard that wires bring. While it’s being touted as perfect for Forza 4, it’ll work with all current racers (though some will have limited functionality). It also features haptic and rumble feedback, for a more realistic driving experience.

Its U-shape also reminds us a little of Kitt’s steering wheel in Knight Rider. It'll be on sale in October, for $60 (UK price TBC).

So what do you reckon? Next gen racer, or Mario Kart knockoff? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

via Gizmodo