Microsoft defends Kinect pricing

Suit says motion-control camera is "great value"

Big M exec says Kinect's high price reflects its innovative tech.

Microsoft has sent out its big guns to defend the £129 price tag slapped on its Kinect motion-control system yesterday. The gaming giant’s Chris Lewis, who looks after its Interactive Entertainment Business group in Europe, said the add-on was, “good value,” claiming it was “innovative and not derivative,” in a swipe at Sony’s PS3 Move.

Speaking to, Lewis said, “"From our point of view, [Kinect Adventures] plus the technology and what that means to the consumer by way of experience - and the innovation it represents - we're confident that it's great value.”

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Lewis went on to say that Microsoft’s extensive research had shown, “Consumers are happy to pay for great experiences.” If you don’t already have an Xbox 360 though and want a bundle, the cost of Kinect and a new 4GB-packing Arcade is set to be £249, well above the Wii.

The question is, will casual gamers stump up that much at a time when money’s not exactly floating about for most people. Lewis said that punters would happily pay for the new tech.

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