LG announces first 3D notebook ahead of UK launch

Gaming monitors and projectors join LG 3D range

First 3D notebook to come from LG is announced in Korea

LG has today launched the LG R590 3D, the comapny's first 3D notebook in Korea ahead of its expected arrival on UK soil in the coming weeks.

With a 15.6-inch 3D capable display, the R590 3D packs a Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA graphics and 1GB RAM and comes boxed with a single pair of cinema style, Buddy Holly-esq 3D polarising glasses.

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The glasses, although being of the flimsy and unstylish bargain bucket variety do, however, remove the need to splash vast amounts of cash on a pair of battery supping, gadgetry filled 3D specs associated with some 3D TVs. To complete the 3D package, the R590 3D includes TriDef software to convert 2D video to 3D in real time for the ultimate video playback package that includes HD sound and an optional Blu-ray drive.

Whilst we are still waiting on a precise UK launch date and price tag for the LG R590 3D, news from Korea brings the arrival of further 3D tech from LG. Joining the 3D netbook will be a 3D monitor for extra dimensional gaming and a 3D projector capable of images 200-inches across and which comes pre-packed with six pairs of 3D specs.

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