Leap Motion controller heading to cars of the future?

QNX R&D team working on bringing gesture control to cars

QNX recently accomplished a first by carrying out a live BBM Video call from a Bentley Continental to a BlackBerry Z10, now they're looking to make it touchless as well

BlackBerry-owned software company QNX is reportedly working on Leap Motion beta kits as part of an effort to integrate the gesture control technology into cars paving the way for touchless infotainment systems.

Talking to T3 at BlackBerry Live 2013 a Software Developer from the Concept Development Team at QNX revealed that the team had just received a couple of the Leap Motion controllers and were now looking at ways they could integrate their QNX BlackBerry 10 car software with the gesture control devices.

QNX most recently showed off its latest concept vehicle a one-of-a-kind Bentley Continental which features a custom-built 13-inch rear-projection curved touchscreen display.

The Bentley also features a form of touchless control called 'Pre-Touch'. By using an infrared camera the screen is able to detect motion in front of itself allowing you to select features just by hovering your hand over the display.

This isn't the first time that a company has experimented with gesture control technology with Samsung's Galaxy S4 featuring Air View which lets you see previews of an image just by hovering your finger over the album.

While the Software Developer was keen to point out that these were all concept ideas, he did confirm that ultimately they were statements of intent which were designed to demonstrate to car manufacturers just what's capable with todays technology.