Kanye West shocks Twitter with random following

Sole Coventry man on rap star's social following list

Twitter taken by storm of Kanye West random following

Twitter is known for its celebrity users and a recent addition to its growing list of the who’s who of global prominence was Kanye West who, just days into his Twitterati lifestyle, has sparked intrigue across the world by following just one person, a seemingly random man in Coventry.

Steven Holmes, aka ste_101, has become one of the talking points of the web after he became the one and only person the American rapper is following on the social networking site after the Coventry man responded to a twitpic posted by West.

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Kanye West, who joined Twitter last week and already has over 380,000 followers, returned Steven Holmes message and added the apparently random tweeter before adding the message “You are the chosen one dun dun dun dun.”

What the chosen one entails remains to be seen but following a number of exchanges between the two, Holmes has seen his new-found celebrity BFF make him a target for angry fans wondering why he was chosen. This interesting twist in social networking relationships came on the same day that the 20 billionth tweet was sent over the micro-blogging site.

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