iPhone 5 specs to see 4-inch 720p display included

Rumoured iPhone addition to get larger screen

Next-generation iPhone 5 to land later this year sporting a new 4-inch 720p display?

The next addition to Apple’s line-up of market leading handsets, the iPhone 5, is to boast a 4-inch 720p Toshiba display, latest reports have suggested.


Apple iPhone 5 video

Source: Apple iPhone 5 video | T3 Tech Videos

Adding to further fuel to the fire, the retailer announced the Apple's next generation handset, which they pegged with a November 21st release, would "be pretty much the same as the iPhone 4 with new software. The software is the main difference with the iPhone 5."

A November release would add velocity to the spate of rumours suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled in September 2011, doing away with Apple’s previously rigid annual summer release schedule.

With rumours previously suggesting Apple has invested in a Toshiba-owned manufacturing facility in order to churn out retina displays and avoid component shortages, news that the screen producer will be showcasing a 4-inch 720p offering at the upcoming Society for Information Display conference 2011 has sparked reports of an iPhone 5 display overhaul.

Whilst earlier iPhone 5 rumours have suggested the mooted handset will sport an enlarged 4-inch display, these reports have been widely refuted as it is widely believed the next-gen handset will feature largely the same form factor as the current iPhone 4.

Apple’s stringent annual product cycles also look set to be called into question with the iPhone 5 as the usual summer arriving handsets have been repeatedly touted as making way for a September announcement with retailer Phones4u yesterday informing us at T3.com that the eagerly awaited smartphone will not arrive until November 21st.

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