iPad 3 to launch this Autumn alongside iOS 5?

References to next-gen Apple tablet spotted in iOS code

New iOS 5 SDK says "maybe".

It seems the developer build of the upcoming Apple iOS 5 has revealed more than Apple had bargained for (or did it?). Hidden in the code are references to "iPad3,1" and "iPad3,2", the most explicit hints we've seen so far of the next Apple tablet.

iOS 5 was announced at WWDC just a couple of days ago, with Steve Jobs telling gathered Apple fans to expect the new mobile operating system in Autumn. With no iPhone 5 announcement, this led many, including us, to speculate that the iPhone 5 will be launching in the Autumn as well, but with these iPad-shaped nuggets of code appearing so early in iOS 5's life, could the rumours of an early iPad 3 launch actually have some weight?

next generation iPad before the end of the year, breaking the usual yearly cycle, but last we'd heard, those rumours had been debunked by the companies that supply Apple components. Certainly, making the iPad 2 old hat after just six months would rightly infuriate its early adopters, but if the no-show iPhone 5 has taught us anything, it's to never be too certain.

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