iPad 3: Apple plotting 3D skill

Rumourmongers claim next-gen iPad will be 3D

Will Apple follows LG's suit and bring 3D skills to its next iPad?

iPad 3 rumours are already beginning to gather pace. And the latest morsel has certainly piqued our interest. RCR Wireless is reporting that it’s spoken with numerous sources who say Apple is planning on loading up 3D viewing smarts onto it’s next-gen slate.

The gossip comes from ‘a Hollywood insider’, who said, “The fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert.” What’s more, they reckon studios in LA are rushing to get content ready for the slate’s release, which some say will be later this year.

This rumour has apparently been backed up by a number of staffers at Foxconn, Apple’s main Far East manufacturer, who have spoken with RCR’s ‘close industry sources’.

Of course, LG’s already released a 3D packing smartphone, so such an idea isn’t so far fetched. But with the Nintendo 3DS struggling to do the numbers, would Apple really be willing to bet the farm on adding three dimensional savviness to its best-selling tablet? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Apple iPad 3 video

Source: T3 Tech Video