iOS4 update can slow down your iPhone 3G

Video proves that the OS 3.1.3 is quicker than the iOS4 update

iPhone 3G fails the test of time as new operating system slows it down

Claims have surfaced that the iOS4 slows down the iPhone3G. As the iPhone 3G approaches its second year, it well and truly is entering a new era, and is apparently struggling to move on with the times. A video found on Adrian Nier's Flickr demonstrates this, as it shows a series of tasks being completed quicker on the old 3.1.3 OS on the iPhone 3G than on the new iOS4 update.

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The tasks tested on the video (below) include the camera, with the iOS4 40% slower on launch and 54% slower on shoot. In addition, it shows settings, which is a massive 125% slower on the iOS4, and Safari, which is quicker on iOS4 by 37%. Furthermore, on Mr Nier’s Flickr, it has another video, showing the start-up to be 10% slower on iOS4.

With that said, I would predict that these slow speeds will be corrected on the iPhone 4, which promises to be one of the most exciting releases this year. So for those of you who have your iPhone’s coming, keep calm and carry on, the new iPhone will be much quicker, and amend the mistakes of the 3G.

Although the iOS4 update slows down the iPhone 3G, it does offer many extra features, notably multitasking and folders, so whether you download it or not, you will have some positives and some negatives.

Adrian Nier’s Comparison Video