iOS 5 features Apple's iOS exclusive social network?

Patent reveals Apple's plans for an iOS community

Apple patent outs company's plan for an iOS social network to challenge Twitter and Facebook

A newly emerged Apple patent has revealed the company’s plans to launch a new social network exclusively available to users of an iOS touting device.

Described by Apple in its patent filing as “ad hoc networking based on content and location,” the iOS based service, if brought to devices in an update of the mobile operating system, would allow users to meet new compatible ‘buddies’ in their vicinity as handsets communicate wirelessly.

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With Apple revealing it is to fully integrate Twitter in iOS 5 when it launches later this year, the new patent filing shows that the Cupertino firm could soon be set to offer its own social offering with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users all able to meet and communicate with fellow iOS users either at their current location or in regions they have recently visited.

Not just for existing friendships the patented Apple network will see users remotely paired with other iOS users based on music preferences, video plays, pictures snapped, websites visited and applications they have downloaded.

Would Apple’s planned social service improved relationships with new people or be a massive unwanted invasion of privacy? Share your thoughts via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: PatentlyApple