Intel working on 48-core CPU for smartphones and tablets

Chip-maker confirms 10-year wait for superphones

With the public just getting used to quad-core smartphones the idea of there being 48-core smartphones begins to make the brain hurt, that said we'd be too busy running six apps at the same time

Intel has confirmed it is working on a 48-core CPU which would eventually be used in smartphones and tablets giving them levels of performance that will never have been seen before.

Speaking to ComputerWorld a lab scientist working on the project confirmed that they were working on a 'superchip' that would power the next generation of smartphones. He also confirmed that they'd be with us a lot sooner than first thought.

"If we're going to have this technology in five to 10 years, [the smartphone] won't have just one camera. It would have two to three cameras that are always on. It could build a three-dimensional map of what it's looking at and do object recognition. You could finally do things that take way too much processing power today."

One of the factors that would hinder that now is the fact that no consumer software has been written that requires 48-cores with smartphones maxing out at just four.

Source: ComputerWorld