Intel to port Android 2.2 onto notebooks and tablets

Intel to ship a native version of Android

Android 2.2 to be used by Intel on new PC's

Intel is set to ship a version of Android 2.2 this summer for its Atom-powered laptops and tablets. Intel's move will worry the likes of Microsoft, as the Google OS is already very popular in smartphones such as the HTC Desire and HTC Legend. If this success transferred across to the PC market, it could give Microsoft something to worry about.

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Intel's Atom processor has proved extremely popular with netbook makers, and the pairing of Android with it could be a for success.

It has also been rumoured that the Motorola Droid (Motorola Milestone in the UK) will be given the Android 2.2 update by the end of July, and the Droid X by the end of August. With that said, the Droid X will still launch with Android 2.1 in July.

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