iCloud.com: Apple buys domain for streaming service

Spotify rival edges closer to reality

Name snapped up for £2.7 million according to tipster.

Apple has snagged the iCloud.com domain name in a deal worth £2.7 million. That’s according to a tipster close to the company which sold the name, who has spoken with the guys at Gigaom.

Word is that the company in question, Xcerion, has changed the name of its iCloud.com storage service to CloudMe, leaving Apple clear to use the original moniker for its music streaming service.

Apple’s streaming offering is believed to combine digital locker smarts with the chance to pay a regular fee to stream and access music on iOS devices. There’s no news on a final launch date, but with Google Music around the corner, Apple is expected to at least reveal some details this year.

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Via Gigaom