HTC sues Apple in UK over patent infringement

Ongoing battle heads onto British soil as HTC fights back

HTC has decided to make a stand, this has inevitably meant they're taking Apple to court, but this time in Blighty.

HTC is to take Apple to court appealing a patent infringement in the latest of a long line of legal battles that have been going on between the tech giants.

After HTC was found to be in violation of certain patents held by Apple, the Taiwanese company has fought back, appealing a ruling which stated Apple wasn't in violation of patents held by technology firm S3 (which HTC are in the process of buying).

It's believed however that the British courts could side with Apple as this appeal is based on a ruling that had already sided with the company from Cupertino. All is not lost however as Google is offering to help out HTC if they do indeed lose and end up paying royalties to Apple.

It'll be an especially hard blow for HTC who are already paying royalties to Microsoft, $5 in fact, for every Android phone that's sold.

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