HTC Sense 3.0: HTC working to bring it to older devices

Concedes that some aspects won't work, but some will

But for those who can't wait, an HTC Sense 3.0 ROM is available to download

There’s been a bit of a furore this week over HTC Sense UI. The latest version of the Android user interface – Sense 3.0 - was unveiled for the new HTC Sensation smartphone earlier this week, but HTC caused a bit of an upset by mentioning that it won’t work on older devices, such as the HTC Desire and the new HTC Incredible S.


HTC Incredible S video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Now HTC has explained things on its official Facebook page. The posting said: “Clarification: There are aspects of the latest HTC Sense that won’t work on some of our previous devices. We are working to incorporate other aspects that will. Stay tuned.”

Does that explain things? No? We’re a bit confused, too. It remains unclear as to which handsets will eventually benefit from the jump to Sense 3.0, but there are alternatives. One feature, for instance, is the ability to add apps to the lock screen, which can be achieved with the WidgetLocker app.

Anyone who simply can’t wait for further news can download a recently leaked ROM of the Sense 3.0 UI, which be found here. It’s an Asian dump of the interface, so it’s not exactly polished, but it’s available, nonetheless. Don’t say we never do anything for you.

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