HTC Pyramid: new spy shot revealed

Is this HTC's next top-end Android phone?

Blurry snap appears after leaked renders hit web last week.

HTC’s Pyramid hasn’t been given the official nod yet. But that hasn’t stopped it dominating Android-flavoured headlines in recent days. Following a leaked render, now a blurry spy shot his hit the web, showing the phone in all its glory.

Take a peep at the snap on the left. The HTC Pyramid is the phone on the left, next to a Desire HD. That suggests it has a 4.3-inch screen, seeing as both phones are the same size.

There’s a camera on the rear left, with dual LED flash, while that striped-design matches previously released snaps.

Unfortunately, that’s all the detail there is for now. But with HTC seemingly releasing a constant stream of top-end handsets these days, expect to see a lot more of this capacious effort in the coming weeks.

Via Engadget