Hijackers hit North Korean Twitter and YouTube accounts

Crafty hackers break into North's social sites

Hackers have tapped into and successfully posted tweets calling for an uprising on North Korea’s Twitter and YouTube’s account.

It is strange and hard to believe a country like North Korea has actually bothered to set up both YouTube and Twitter accounts. Perhaps to broadcast their idealistic messages to the rest of the world, as no average Joe or Jim in Pyongyang would be able to read them, thanks to their lack of internet, computers and basically everything else technology related.

The ambitious hack, took place on January 8th, which was also Kim Jong-un's Birthday, now there's a present you don't often get.

Firstly posts on Twitter sites linked to the North started calling for up rises to overthrow Kim Jong-il and his Son, Jong-un, slightly strange you might ask?

Well things got more peculiar when the hackers then turned to their YouTube account. A video, which can be seen here, was posted up on the ‘dear leaders’ YouTube page, showing Kim Jong-un, driving around in a sports car and running over helpless women and children.

As you’d expect, the Twitter posts and YouTube clip were quickly removed, however cached versions of the video are still up on the social broadcasting site for you to watch and cringe at.

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