Google Wallet officially released in the US

Sprint Nexus S 4G owners get first taste of mobile payment future

After months of testing, Google Wallet has finally been rolled out to selected Android phones across the pond with users of the Nexus S 4G the first to make use of the wireless payment system

Google Wallet, the search giant’s much-vaunted mobile payment app, has finally been rolled out in the US.

The Big G announced late last night that punters who own a Nexus S 4G on the Sprint network will be the first to get a taste of the service, with an over-the-air update adding the app as we speak.

At the moment, users can only use Citi Mastercard or Google’s own prepaid card to stump up for stuff. But that all looks set to change with Google revealing on its official blog that Visa, Discover and American Express have revealed NFC specifications, meaning those cards could soon be added to the service.

While at the moment you can only use Google Wallet to pay for stuff, the plan is to bring train tickets and boarding passes to the service in the future. Don’t be surprised to see Apple fire back with its own offering when the iPhone 5 launches.

Will mobile payment offerings such as the newly launched Google Wallet ever spell the end for cold hard cash and numerous bank cards? Let us know what you think via the comments box below…

Via: Googleblog